Jessica Duffin Wolfe

October 15, 2018

All about

Last fall my colleague Dan Rowe and I built a fun 360˚ storytelling project with our students called The students used 360˚ photography with audio to tell stories about the history of activism in Toronto. I built their projects into a collective interface using A-Frame, Vue.js and Vuetify.

The entire project was a really interesting challenge. I wrote about some of the decisions that went into its content management system in a post for, and about some of our takeaways from the project as a whole in a piece for Hacker Noon.

October 5, 2018

Introducing Commentator

I built a little web app called Commentator to help teachers write comments on student work, and wrote a post explaining it on Medium:

Faced with heavy grading loads and overtaxed powers of invention, I know many teachers who collect these frequent comments into text documents from which they copy and paste into individualized paragraphs of feedback for each student’s work. But… wouldn’t it be faster if we could just create custom paragraphs of these comments in a few clicks? Meet Commentator.

Enjoy. If you like and use it, please let me know if you have feedback!
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