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I chatted with CWILA (Canadian Women In The Literary Arts) about women & writing & The Toronto Review of Books.

May 1, 2013

Dylan Gordon’s Wild Ingredients

My friend Dylan Gordon (@KnowWildFood) is becoming the muse of Canada’s wild mushroom world (or thicket)—a post no one knew was waiting to be filled until he stepped into it.

Listen to this captivating story he tells about being an anthropologist embedded with wild gatherers in the north (a 48 million dollar a year industry), then maybe invite him over for dinner. There is no better dinner companion than a scholar of deliciousness.

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If you like Dylan’s wild recipe poetry—and who wouldn’t (I am so jealous of him getting to say things like White Matsutake, Fiddlehead Greens and Cloudberries in daily conversation)—then you should follow his work on The Toronto Review of Books. He’s posting a series of cookbook reviews this season.

(Dylan wrote this story for SSHRC’s Storytellers competition—the collection of winners itself tells a nice, worthy & accessible story about the marvels of advanced research across Canada.)


April 29, 2013

The Myth of Support

I wrote about Sheila Heti’s New Canadian Myth, and said this (among other things):

“I hope that following Heti’s call for a more realistic “myth” about what Canadian support for the arts means in 2013 will also help us to better understand and appreciate the people who pay attention to the arts in Canada, whether or not they can afford to pay. Our audiences are struggling alongside our artists, and all the varieties of support they nevertheless offer deserve acknowledgement. Sometimes just showing up is a massive effort of support. Sometimes class defines how we think about what a cultural “supporter” looks like in this country. And it shouldn’t.”

Read the full piece here.

April 22, 2013

Ambramovic in T.O.

This is exciting: a Marina Abramović installation is coming to the preeminent Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto in June for the Luminato Festival.

Canadian Art says:

The MarinaAbramovićInstitute – Prototype installation will consist of seven interconnected pavilions in Trinity Bellwoods Park, where the audience will participate in a series of exercises and experiences based on Abramović’s performance practice. During the performances, which will be ticketed, the pavilions will be open from 7 to 16 hours a day.


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